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Pens of Note

Of course I like all my fines, but for some, they are my Pens of Note.

My Pens of Note are those pens that stand out the most for me. It is typically due to their superior style, the manufacturing or the overall quality. Sometimes, it is a bit of how I acquired the pen that pushes into this list.

They are the pens of my collection that provide me a writing experience of note.

Left:: Glenn Marcus sitting on the patio of one of the apartments often rented when in Rome.


Aurora Talentum

Aurora makes a number of very attractive lines of pens. The Aurora pen factory was one part of my initial Italian pen company visits. I have a couple Aurora pens and I know that I will at one point acquire more.


Cervinia Trasparente

Not only is this an incredibly smooth writing fountain pen, but the pen has an interesting story on how the pens came to be. I was taken with the story, and then by writing with it.


Pelikan M800 Green

The Pelikan Souverän M800 is one of my "benchmark" pens. A benchmark as I often compare the size of other pwnhes to this particular model. The M800 is an excellent sized pen for my hand. In terms of qualityk the Pelikan piston is well known as one of the best. The Pelikan nibs are smooth writing experiences. The company has reduced the variety of pen widths available.


Stipula Etruria Alter Ego


Waterman Edson Ruby

My "expensive" pens started with the Waterman Man 100. From that pen, I think that has been no looking back!



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