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OMAS - Extra Lucens Black (2013)


OMAS issued this pen to recognize the importance of the original 1926 Extra Lucens model. OMAS commenced the special Extra Lucens Limited Edition series in 2011 as part of the "OMAS Vintage Collection". The Extra Lucens are handmade, with a dodecagonal shape with celluloid inspired by the material used for the models released in 1930.

The 2013 Limited Edition, Extra Lucens Black, has a black colour cap, with streaks of gold, nicely matched with the same colour theme on a transparent body. The yellow gold trim nicely finished a classic look to the pen.

I was lucky, my wife, Karen, spotted this pen in an advertisement. She contacted Marco of Novelli Pen in Rome and requested that he have one of these pens fitted with a broad nib waiting for me when we arrived in Rome. That certainly raised my confirmation for the trip!

The pen is classic and has some unique aspects. The classic OMAS clip with the small wheel at the end to assist fitting over the cloth of pocket. The name OMAS Extra Lucens is tastefully engraved on the body of the pen. The pens are numbered. The series are limited editions. The pen number is engraved on the pen cap. I am the proud owner of pen 51 of the 331 pens produced.

The famous OMAS nib is in18K gold. Oh, what a pleasure to write with. OMAS uses an ebonite feed to match the history of the series and to create a pen with a flawless flow of ink.

OMAS, in creating the vintage look of the pen, reflects the size of pens of the 1930s. The Extra Lucen 2013 has a moderate length of 5.4 inches. The celluloid body and cap make this pen relatively light to hold. The cap of the pen easily posts on the body of the pen, and I find that I write with the cap posted the majority of the time.

The body and cap have the classic 12 sides of the classic OMAS lines and with this, the pen sits firmly on the top of the desk. I particularly like that in a pen.

I have always admired the Lucens line, and this opportunity to have one adds a real classic pen to my collection.

The pen comes in the standard limited edition presentation box that OMAS has been using the past couple of years. Pressed cardboard (quite sturdy) with an Ultrasuede inside. Beneath the platform that holds the pen, and a bottle of Black OMAS ink are the brochure and owner's card for the pen.

The pen has a similar look to the Extra Lucens Omaggio - the 75th Anniversary pen. That pen had a higher production run.


OMAS Extra Lucens Black

OMAS Extra Lucens Black (Limited Edition), 2013


OMAS 360

OMAS Extra Lucens Black (Limited Edition), 2013 (Pen 51 or 331)