Delta Dolcevita Chatterly Fusion Star- Marmo Venato

Delta - Chatterley Dolcevita Fusion Star, Marmo Venato

This one of the limited edition pen was made by Delta for Chatterley Pens. The pen body, cap and internal mechanisms use that of the classic Delta Dolcevita. The name means veined marble.

There were ten pens produced. I am very pleased to have #0. (Yes Italians number the floors of buildings starting at zero.)

When I visited the Delta factory a couple of years ago they told me how their method of working in small numbers meant they could produce small numbers of pens, and they did it as a special order for a retailer. Here it is, a couple of years later and I have a a number of such pens in my collection.

The colour of this pen, which came available in 2014, is very similar to the celluloid of my Montegrappa Extra 1930 Marble Green. When I saw it, I knew it was meant to be as part of my collection.

Fusion Star Marmo Venato

The cap has a star logo, the name of this series Chatterley Pen commissioned to be produced by Delta. The clip and the gold band at the base of the cap are the classic Delta parts, this pen has Gold Vermeil (gold plate on 925 sterling silver). The small gold band gives the pen a rich look and the gold trim was a natural for the warmth of the green and gold tones of the pen. The classic Delta clip is sturdy a small ball helps with fixing the clip in a shirt pocket.

The body for this pen is celluloid, and celluloid is know for deep colour tones. This pen shows the veins and colour tones of the pen very well. The celluloid adds little weight. The brass piston filling system creates the overall weight of the pen. It is a good sized pen, with the body measuring in the 14-16 mm in width.

A small cap covers the knob for the piston fill system. Unscrew the cap and you can twist the top of the piston to expel or draw up ink. I like the fact that a ratchet system produces a series of clicks when you have turned it to the fullest. No concern of stripping the threads.

A small window just above the threads shows if there is ink in the pen's ink chamber.

Fusion Nib



The pen is fitted with the #6 Delta Fusion nib. That is a steel nib with a layer of 18 kt gold fussed with the steel. Delta produces this nib at their factory. I find the Fusion nib a great nib to write with.

The pens, made for Chatterly Pens, are available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub Fusion nibs.


Chatterley Delta Fusion Autunno


Founded in 1982 through the partnership of Nino Marino, Ciro Matrone and Mario Muscente.

Delta produces their pens at the facility, located just outside of Naples, Italy.

I had the pleasure of visiting with the folks at Delta at their factory, located just outside of Naples.