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Pens of Note - Leonardo Momento Zero Grande 2.0, Pelle d'Angelo (Angel Skin)

Leonardio Momento Zero Grande Angel Skin


In the Fall 2022 Leonardo issued the second version of the Momento Zero Grande line, The MZG 2.0. The 2.0 includes a number of changes in appearance and performance. The pen now has an ink-window, set off by a top and bottom band. The ink window is placed on the barrel so it does not show when the cap closes the pen. The pen has a new nib, La Fenice, (the Phoenix) being produced by Leonardo Pen. I have found this nib a real pleasure to write with.

This is a limited edition pen, with 222 pieces produced.

The Leonardo Journey Continues

I remember talking with Salvatore as he launched Leonard Pen. Remembering him from his days at Delta Pen, and his work with his father, pen expert Ciro Matrone, I just knew the endeavour would be a success. When I wrote with the prototype of his first pen, the Momento Zero Blue Abyss I was quite excited. Both Karen, my wife, and I and wrote with the pen and knew this was going to be a big thing.

We talked about the name of the pen, Momento Zero, the start. And in deed it was. Over the years he added additional models and a range of stunning resins, celluloid and ebonite offerings.

The Momento Zero Grande 2.0 line uses a new nib completed at the Leonardo workshop in Italy. The nib, La Fenice (Phoenix) also represents another significant evolution evolution of the company.

The Cap & Body

The cap and body of the Momento Zero Grande line has a classic appearance. The cap is fitted with the "classic" Leonardo clip. I find the clip to be very sturdy and attractive in appearance. Always working towards perfection, the clip has evolved. If you have earlier modes of the Momento Zero, you will notice the clip today this thinner and and I believe more appeasing to the eye.

At the base of the cap are three rings. The Pelle d'Angelo is fitted with rose gold trim. This lighter colour of gold goes so well with the delicate colour of the resin. The individual rings give a good balance of a presence of the cap without a single band overpowering the design and look of the pen. The beautiful resin pattern is visible between the individual rings.

The Resin

The body and cap are made from rods of a beautiful pink marble pattern. Leonardo calls the resin Angel Skin also known as bokè coral. There are flecks of white pearl along with delicate lines of rust/brown lines. As you look at the resin there is depth for your eye to explore. The while flecks catch the light as the pen moves, The resin feels good in the hand and I like the faceted body. Leonardo says the resin is inspired by the Bokè coral of the sea.

Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Angel Skin

Leonard Momento Zero Grande (2.0) - Angel Skin

The Nib

The pen is fitted with a number six size nib in a 14 kt rose gold. Available nib sizes are available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Double Broad and Stub 1.4 widths. The gold nib sits on an in-house manufactured ebonite feed. The flow is excellent. This is a wet writing pen. Writing with the pen for over a week has been a pleasure. Ink flows the moment the pen touches the paper. Notes on writing with the pen follow.

Ink Filling System

The pen uses Leonardo's in-house designed piston to draw up and hold the ink. I have found the Leonardo piston to be very dependable and it holds a generous 1.5 ml of ink. As mentioned, the MZG 2.0 has an ink window to identify the level of ink in the chamber. I have found to ink window to be very helpful. Just yesterday I was taking my pen out to my patio to write. I glanced down and saw the relatively low level of ink. Filled up and then went outside. Leonardo decreased the size of the ink window and finished off the window with an upper and lower rose gold band. The ink view window is place so it is fully covered by the cap when the pen is closed.

Weight and Balance

The pen is relatively light in weight (just under 30 grams). You can write with the pen posted or not. While in the past I have almost always posted by pens, recently my style of changing and this pen is very comfortable in both modes.

Momento Zero Grande Mosaico

Leonardo MZG - Angel Skin


The Writing Experience

I love writing with this pen. The La Fenice nib lays a rick line of ink. While up to know the majority of my Leonardo pens have been in the Stub 1.1 width, I do have some in the wider Stub 1.5 size. The La Fenice Stub 1.4 delivers a wide stroke. I have found the better the paper, the better the writing experience. I guess that is true for all nibs! But with this pen, writing on office copy paper, or recycled paper does not go well with my handwriting. I needed more care to ensure my writing was legible. (People who know me must be laughing when I say so my writing is legible.)

The better the paper, the easier to write. For example, I found Clairefontaine, Rhodia and Fabriano paper are excellent papers to use. The photo below shows me writing with Classic Laid bond paper and the pen and this paper is a real match!

Momento Zero Grande 2.0 - Pelle d'Angelo

The 14 kt gold La Fenice (the Phoenix) nib just glides across the page, couple with the in-house manufactured ebonite feed, writing is effortless.

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