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Montblanc Meisterstück 149


Meisterstück is German for masterpiece, and indeed that is that the company crated. The Meisterstück line was Issued in 1924 with the the 149 Meisterstück issued in 1952. this pen stands out as a special pen. The size is significant. You certainly know when you are holding and writing with this pen.

The 149 refers to the nib width, and writing this this large nib is a great experience. It is what Montblanc refers to as a size 9 nib. My pen is an older pen and it is fitted with a 14 kt gold nib, but any other information is lacking. Thanks Montblanc. There is no notation on the nib as to the nib width. Montblanc transitioned from the 14 kt to 18 kt nib and there are some discusision that the 14 kt has more flex to it.

The cigar-shaped pen is a design that is comfortable to hold. Montblanc was not the first company to use this shape. Indeed, many pen manufactures have created cigar-shaped pens.

The top of the cap has the iconic six-sided glacier. I have always thought of it as a star, but in reading various articles about the Montblanc pens, many refer to this as the shape of glacier on the top of Montblanc. Sounds reasonable.

The body and cap are made from a proprietary resin, a formula that Montblanc holds.

The pen fills with a piston mechanism. There is a suble ink window that shows you the amount of ink being held in the pen. I like that feature and the subtle look of the window.

Momento Zero Vintage Brown

Montblanc Meisterstück 149

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