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Waterman Exception


Waterman launched the Exception line in the last quarter of 2005. From the first time I saw the ad, this pen made it to my list of "must have" pens. Finally, as what I think unsuccessful attempts to create a new flagship pen, the Exception met the mark.

The Exception first came in two sizes of pen bodies and three different style versions. Night & Day Gold, and Night & Day Black, the Ideal Black - these are the large size pens. In 2006 a version in blue, in the slim line was added. A model in red was added a number of years later.

In the the large size pen, the Exception Night & Day Gold has the gold trim down two sides of the body and cap. The Night and Day Black has grey pin-stripes down two sides. The Ideal Black is solid black.

The Slim line comes in a blue lacquer, a black lacquer with gold trim and a black lacquer with silver trim.

Compared to some of the pens being released by other companies some may say this is a very conservative pen. Yes in overall looks, but the square with slightly rounded edges of the body sets is part as different.

Exception Night & Day

I initially bought the Exception Night & Day. This is an all black lacquered coated pen with distinctive gray pin stripes down two sides of the body of the pen. A quadrangular design. pen has a number of distinctive elements. The rounded-square pen is turned to a round nib section where the fingers hold the pen. The nib section uses a bayonet mechanism to attach to the body of the pen. This provides the proper alignment of the nib section to the pen. The pen has a smooth 18th kt gold nib with rhodium plating. The clip departed from the traditional clip found on the Man 100 to a clean, more squared two branch type of clip.

So the unique aspect is the square body. The nib section changes from square to a round shape with a gentle tapering in size. The nib section also differs in that rather than screw away from the pen body, it uses a bayonet mechanism - it twists and releases from the body.

I placed a special order for my pen so to have a broad nib (the standard shipment to the stores is with a fine or medium nib. It was worth the wait.

The nib of the Exception writes so smoothly on paper that a warning should come with the pen to wear a seat belt! It is just that fast. I was even impressed with the medium nib when I tried that one out in the store.

In my view, this one is a real winner for Waterman.

Exception Night & Day Platinum

In 2008 I add to the Waterman Exception, Night & Day Platinum to my collection. This is alkso an over-sized model which is a size that is right for me. When my dad passed away, and I was settling estate issues, I decided that I wanted to use some money to have a pen that would be distinctive and a good memory. I had been eying The Night and Day Platinum for some time and I added it to my Waterman collection.

The Exception is a larger size pen, has good weight and a classic look. The side panels are guilloche-engraved platinum and paired with a black lacquer body, I find the pen very attractive, and one of those pens that can be used in any setting. The 18 kt gold nib is rhodium-plated and I have both a broad and medium nib unit. That allows me to change the writing experience with a snap of a new nib section. The rings around the body and the cap are silver-plated. Guilloche is a technique of engraving where very precise intricate repetitive patterns are mechanically etched with very fine detail. It involves a specific technique of engine turning, called guilloché.

The body of the Exception has four sides, with a bayonet locking and un-locking mechanism to attach or release the nib section. Great looking pen.

Waterman Exception Night & Day

Waterman Exception Night & Day


Exception Night & Day Platinum

Exception Night & Day Platinum