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Montegrappa Extra Otto


This pen is about the expertise of the past, the expertise in creating a quality fountain pen, being used to create a pen for now, to be the communication tool of your message.

Otto Zebra

This is a Limited Edition, limited to 888 pens per colour, the Extra Otto line comes in three different celluloids: a green-hued Malachite which looks like a pen made from a precious stone. Shiny Lines that has glistening gray tone lines running the length of the cap and the body. This was my second choice, but the Zebra has stunning horizontal lines of white celluloid in a beautiful black body and cap. This was it. I am very pleased to have pen 391 of 888.

Montegrappa says the octagon is an example of geometric perfection.

As with the Extra 1930 collection, the pen comes in an impressive solid work presentation box. There is a slot to hold a bottle of Montegrappa ink. A leather pad for the pen to rest, with the warranty card and papers beneath. Montegrappa even encloses a piece of leather to lay over the inside of the box, across the wood slot that holds the ink, so that you have an even surface for a pen box. Mine sits on my desk as just that.

The clip has a roller ball at the end, to help with the smooth fit over a shirt pocket. It is Sterling Silver. There is a backing of red lacquer on the clip.

The cap has a band at its base, again in Sterling Silver it is along the line of the traditional geometric design used by Montegrappa, but the band has octagonal shapes. Very updated.

The nib, 18k gold is one of the smoothest nibs I have ever written with. Full stop. As friends have tried my pen the surprise of the smoothness of a fountain pen nib is one of the most common comments I hear.

I particularly like the sterling silver nib section. This helps to prevent any ink from staining the end of the body.

The pen is light, but has a well balanced weight in the hand. It is a bit larger in width than the Extra 1930 line, and for me, that is a plus.

Otto Lapis

Another visit to Novelli Pen in Rome and and Montegrappa Otto to cherish. This is the Lapis. Again, this is true Montegrappa. Elegant celluloid and solid sterling silver trim. I love the blue and orange brown tones of the celluloid. The pen is fitted with a 18k gold nib and ebonite feed. The nibs are made in house by Montegrappa and decorated with the greek key motif. Nibs are available in Fine, Medium, Broad; and my pen is fitted with a smooth broad nib.

The pen fills with a smooth Montegrappa patented ratcheting piston fill mechanism. The length of the pen is 138 mm when capped and closed. When you post the cap on the pen then the total length of 154 mm. You may think this to be a big pen, but in 2020 standards it is not as long as other pens. The width of the boty is 13 mm and the width of the cap is 17 mm.

I am so pleased to have pen 70 of 888.


Otto Zebra


Montegrappa Otta Zebra

Montgegrappa Extra Otto Lapis

Montegrappa Extra Otto Lapis

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