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I saw the celluloid, and when a Leonardo Pen created a pen for Novelli Pen in a very distinctive black and white celluloid, it was just a matter of time before it would be arriving by courier to my house! What a beautiful pen.

Leonaro Momento Zero Grande Black and White Celluloid

Momento Zero Grande, Black & White Celluloid

The celluloid for this pen is so unique the pen is referred to by the colour of the celluloid: MZG, Black & White Celluloid. The pen has the classic look of the Leonardo Momento Zero Grande body/cap. The simple black and white colour scheme gives the pen a very basic, but beautiful appearance. The pen has a smart and distinctive look. I notice in some of the photographs of the pen, depending on how the lighting, the pen has a black and white appearance. But the pen is actually a dark gray and white colour. There are some patches of true black as a comparison point.

Momento Zero Grande, Black and White Celluloid

 This particular pen was completed with three rings at the base of the cap, rather than a broader engraved band. I like the lighter look of the tree small rings bands. It allows the beautiful celluloid to be the star of the pen.

Audace Art Nouveau Nib

The pen is fitted with Leonardo's beautiful La Fenice, in size eight, 14kt gold, rhodium plated nib.

Audace Art Nouveau

The beautiful celluloid of the Momento Zero Grande, Black White Celluloid


I love writing with this pen. I had my first opportunity to acquire a Leonardo No 8 size 14 kt gold nib in the summer with the Audace Guilloché Art Nouveau. It is a great nib.

Writing with the Momento Zero Grande - Black White Celluloid

I am very familiar with the Momento Zero Grande (MZG) body. It is a large pen, but fits very well in my hand. The overall balance is excellent. The feel of this pen is similar to the MZG experience. This is the first MZG with a number eight sie nib. The size of nib and pen is well matched.

I ordered the nib in a Stub 1.1 size Every nib is slightly different, and this particular nib writes a but thiner than some of ther many 1.1 nibe I have.

I use the pen posted and sometimes not, both modes are comfortable although I think I find myself writing with the pen unposted more than posted. The body section of the pen, not posted, runs about 140 mm which is a good length for my hand.

The pen is fitted with Leonard's in-house designed piston filling mechanism. The piston carries a general 1.5 ml of ink so I have a fair amount of writing that can be completed before I have to refil. The nib to twist and activate the piston is at the top end of the body. A smooth feeling operation, Leonardo has to be commended on the quality of their pistons.

The 12 mm, or so, size of grip of the nib section is fine by my hand. So while the pen has the look of being very large, It is not a jarring difference from other Leonardo pens. When I visited the Leonardo workshop last fall, I was shown the extra work that was being undertaken so that the nib section and nib holding units would accomodate the size eight nib.

My pen is fitted witha number eight size nib. The pen is available in both a number six and eight nib size. When I toured the factory Salvatory showed me the extra housing pieces that are made for the pen to accomodate the nib size options. My number eight nib is great and it lays a generous line of ink. But the 1.1 Stub cut results in a managable line of ink.    

The La Fenice nib is excellent. Leonardo does the polishing, engraving and finishing of the nibs in their workshop. From my discussions with Leonardo, their expertise with nibs is something that are proud of and they have been creating a fine writing experience.



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