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I remember getting this Montegrappa brocheur a year to so earlier, and the stunning yellow celluloid pen has never left my mind.

Montegrappa Miya Yellow Celluloid

Montegrappa Miya Argento, Yellow Celluloid

On one of my many visits with Novelli Pen in Rome I was debating about getting the Montegrappa Miya Argento Yellow. I was attracted to the beautiful yellow celluloid. But, I had committed to other pens. I put the Miya aside, saying I would gett it when I was in the store next year. Marco mentioned it was his last one, and the pen was no longer in production.

Luckily I re-assessed and decided I would take the pen also. Later Montegrappa released a new Miya line, produced with resine with different trim. I have no regrets. The Miya Argento, argento is Italian for silver, is one of the pens I consider "classic Montegrappa" - celluloid and sterling silver.

The pen trim and the nib section are sterling silver. I particularly like the nib section in sterling silver as I do not to worry about ink stains on the celluloid. I have found this a problem with light coloured celluloid and resin.

The Sterling Silver cap band is engraved with its Makers Mark (1140 MI) designating the pen as made during the Richemont ownership period (2000 to 2005) and from a silver makers guild of Milan.


The Miya Body

The Miya has been part of Montegrappa's pen lines for a number of years. I find the shape of the pen very comfortable to hold. The smooth curved lines have a classic, vintage appearance. The Miya is 135 mm in length (capped) and 12 mm body and nib, there is a good width to the pen with a maximum diameter of 18 mm. The weight of the pen is and easy to hold 31 grams.

A feature I like is the ability to post the cap when writing.

Ink Filling System

The pen uses a cartridge/converter filling system and this helps to contribute the overall light weight of the pen.


The Miya has a 18 kt gold rhodium plated nib with an ebonite feed.



Montegrappa Miya Argento Yellow Celluloid


The Celluloid

On my 2011 visit with Novelli Pen in Rome, I could not leave the store until I had the Montegrappa Miya in Yellow Celluloid.

Celluloid was the body material Montegrappa has used for its leading lines. I am a big fan of the Extra 1930 line, and the Miya line is a pen that is slightly smaller. The yellow celluloid is bright and cheerful. Celluloid always feels great in the hand.

The Cap Band

The Greek pattern cap band is a reflection of the previous classic lines. The Miya line that was released a few years later uses and single solid rhodium band, engraved with "Montegrappa". Nice as that is, it is not the same classic, iconic look of what has been used previously.

Montegrappa Miya Yellow Celluloid

Writing with the Miya

When I wrote with the pen in the store I immediately liked the smoothness of the 18 kt gold nib and the feel of the pen in my hand. There is a good girth to the pen body and nib section.


I have a number of Montegrappa fountain pens and this is an excellent pen to add to your collection as an everyday writer or as your introduction to the pens of Montegrappa.


Montegrappa Mia Novelli Autumn

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