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The Momento Zero Grande Mosaico Chiaroscuro

The Momento Zero is the flagship pen for Leonardo Officina Italiana. I was fortunate to own the prototype, produced in a beautiful celluloid. It is such an important pen in my collection. Since the original release, the Momento Zero has been created in a variety of materials and two sizes. Regular and Grande.

In October 2021, Karen and I, while in Rome, met with Salvatore Matrone and discussed the new 2021 release - the Momento Zero Grande Mosaico Chiaroscuro. The pen is made in a version of the spaghetti resin in the sand (Chiaroscuro), the Mango and Hawaii. I believe the name Salvatore has given the pen is very apt. Chiaroscuro means the arrangement of light and dark shades without the regard to colour - that exactly is th is pen.

I am pleased to have one of the protype pens, in the Chiarascuro model. As with the stacked resin cut, the shades of brown in and light and dark tones flow through the pen.

There are two looks to the pen. On the clkip side there is a the layered look of horizonal squares running the length of the pen. As you turn the pen, there is more of a mosaic pattern, and on the backside a oval, reminiscent of the "arco" pens, extends the length of the pen.

Salvatore showed us the magic of alighment. Turn the cap on the body of the pen. In up to three times, you will have the cap and body aligned. The magic of three.

The Momento Zero Grande is a large size pen with fitted with a number 6 nib and holding one of the largest piston fills available. It is a pleasure to hold and and write with the Grande pen. The size and appearance of the pen reflects simplistic style. They have a timeless look.

The new line of pens were made available to stores in January 2022.

The Options

The new line, using a stacked resin body and cap, is available in three colours. The pen uses what is referred to as the spaghetti pattern resin, with the sheets of resin specifically cut into rods so that the pattern is has a stacked rather than a linear appearnace. The result is beautiful. Salvatore worked with the manufacturer or the resin rods and the stacked appearance is very interesting and appealing.


The Sand Resin (Chiaroscuro)

The Chiaroscuro resin, (stacked version of the Sand Resin on the previous Momento Zero Grande pen) in the Mosaico line has a stunning appearance. Naturally, each pen will have a slight difference appearance. I believe this will be a very popular colour option in the Momento Zero Grande line.

The Body & Cap

The pen is light to hold despite the large size. I have written with the pen in both cap off and cap posted. I generally like to post my pen for a little extra length and also safety (the clip prevents the pen from rolling off the desk). The cap nicely posts onto the body of the pen but I found I could write with the pen capped or cap less.

The internal piston mechanism, designed and created by Leonardo, is accessible through a cap at the end of the body. The piston is one of the largest on the market, giving the Momento Zero Grande an ink capacity of 1.5 ml of ink.

The pens have gold plate or Palladium trim.

One of the changes to these new Momento Zero Grande pens is the single band at the end of the cap. This replaces the three rings of the previous line. I like the wider band and the geometric shape is very attractive. There is a fair amount of work for the detailed engraving and it adds to the overall look of the pen.

The Nib & Feed

The pen comes fitted with a size 6 nib in either a 14 kt gold or stainless steel versions. The 14 kt gold nibs are available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and 1.3 Stub widths. The steel nibs are available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and 1.1 and 1.5 stub width. The nibs are manufactured by JoWo, but engraved and polished in the Leonardo workshop.

The Momento Zero Grande uses an in-house manufactured ebonite feed. The Japanese ebonite is cut and manufactured in the Leonardo workshop.

Ink Storage

The Momento Zero Grande pens come with an in-house designed and created 1.5 ml piston fill mechanism. The size of the piston capacity is one of the largest available. I like the large ink capacity. I can fill up the pen and take it for a serious writing excercise!

Cap Band

The new line uses an updated band at the base of the cap. The cap has a single broad 8 mm band with an engraved geometric art pattern. This replaces the series of rings found on the previous Momento Zero kunes.

The Pen Box

The pen comes in the larger sized Leonardo Officina Italiana box that holds the pen and a 40 ml bottle of excellent Leonardo Officina Italiana fountain pen ink.

The Writing Experience

Well this is what the pen is all about. The Momento Zero Grande pen is simply a wonderful writer. I used it to update my travel jounral on my 2021 trip through Italy. Lots of writing each day and it was a pleasure to use the pen.

My pen is fitted with a 1.1 Stub steel nib and it writes extremely smoothly. I liked the 1.1 width as it is more versatile in terms of size of writing than the 1.5 nib. I have other Leonardo pens fitted with the 1.5 nib and I like the strong line of ink it leaves. It all depends on your use and the type of wriitng. I probably need two of these pens!

What's next? I am just waiting for the next colour to be released!

Momento Zero Grande Mosaico

Momento Zero Grande Mosaico

Momento Zero Grande Mosaico

Momento Zero Grande Mosaico
The stacked resin cut gives the pen such an interesting look.

Momento Zero Grande Girasole

Momento Zero Grande Mosaico
Cap with the single broad geometric pattern band.

Momento Zero Grande Mosaico

Momento Zero Grande Mosaico
I just liver the oval dark shape that appears on one of the sides of the pen. Kind of like an "arco" look.

Momento Zero Grande Sand &  Mosaico

The spagetti resin Sand (top) and the stacked resin Mosaico Chiarosuro (bottom). Both are cherished in my Pens of Note. I really like the Mosaico line.


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