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When I saw a photo of the Pithecusa, having spend time in this beautiful part of Italy, this was a pen to be added to my collection. 

Momento Magico Pithecusa

The Magico line was first issued in 2021 and since that time a number of models make up an impressive collection for Leonardo. The pen in similar to the Momento Zero, however, with some key differences. 

First of all, the Magico line uses a piston for its ink fill mechanism. That is good news as the Leonardo piston is excellent, and and has one of the largest fill capacity. This pen holds 1.5 ml of ink.  You can go out and not be worried about running out of ink for many of your writing activities. 

The cap band with a geometric pattern, waves, and the bank is made with a three dimensional pantograph. I am not really sure what that is, but I will ask Salvatore the next time we meet.  The band sits between two very narrow bands of white resin. this just has to represent the white caps on the blue wate in the Bay of Napoli.  

Oh yes, just one more commen on the piston.  This is generation two of the Magico line. The first generation of pens had a window but some thought too large.  The window is smaller know and also sits between two small binds.  A more finished look than generation one. 


Pithecusa, is the ancient name for what today is the Island of Ischia. If you have not spend time time on the coast near Napoli, then this is a destination for you.  The water is a beautiful blue.  The small islands are all accessible by ferry.


The Magico uses an in-house manufactured piston ink feed. It is one of the largest piston fill capacity available, holding 1.5 ml of ink. With this line, there is the option to order a specific tool that allows the removal of the piston mechanism.






The Magico Pithecusa has a stunning resin. It is one of those pens that stops you when you see the light hit the resin. It is like being in a boat out on the water that surrounds the Island of Ischia.


Momento Zero Grande Girasole

My Momento Magico Pithecusa has a cap band that depicts the waves of water around the island. 

The beautiful nib, steel, with a stub cut.  Talk about making waves as your write! 





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