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Krone Fiction

This pen was introduced by Krone in 2008, and it was a big hit at the first meeting at which I used my Krone Fiction. The pen sparked a conversation. It was hard to get the meeting back on track!

I have the Fiction in the picante colour scheme -- bold burgundy and yellow stripes.

The swirls of micro-striped resin creates a very distinctive look. The pen also comes in the Truffle model with green and turquoise blue colours. I have also seen the pen available in a light blue and beige colour scheme called Bondi.

Load the pen up with some great Diamine ink and get ready for a great writing experience.

I found the pen to be of a good size. Sitting closed, the pen is 5 1/4" in length. Writing with the pen, with the cap posted, it is 6". When posted, the cap sits snugly on the pen.

The 18 karat two tone gold nib is very smooth and the pen nicely glides across the paper leaving a solid line of ink. I have a broad nib in the pen and it has character. An easy pen to write with. Some broads can be like a paint brush, just too much ink flowing, but this nib leaves a distinctive sharp stroke. Nibs for this pen are available in Fine, Medium and Broad.

The pen has a piston fill mechanism. The screw-type piston plunger is accessible when you remove a small cap at the end of the pen.

Turning the piston mechanism anti-clockwise expels ink, and turning clockwise draws ink into the pen. Return the screw cap to the pen and all the filling mechanism is out of sight.

I would rank the amount of ink the pen draws as medium and of a sufficient quantity for the size of nib. I have been using the pen at a number of meetings, with a fair amount of writing. Of course, fill up your pen in a meeting and a whole new conversation takes place! People really like to ask questions about this pen!

The clip of the pen has a snug feel, and there has been no problems clipping it into a dress shirt pocket. The size of the clip looks well proportioned for the pen itself - and that is important to the overall look of the pen. (Clip is 1 1/4" in length to a 2 1/8" cap.

From information Krone released on the pen, they had hoped it would be mesmerizing to the eye and smooth to the soul. At its first debut the first comments received were that the pen “had a lot to look at”. So I guess Krone was successful!

Krone Fiction





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