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Delta - Stantuffo Dolcevita Arcobeleno Fiocco Di Neve

I like the Dolcevita body. The pen is a good fit for my hand, and I have added a number of the Delta Dolcevita based pens to my collection. When I

Arcobeleno Fiocco di Neve means snowflake. This pen is meant represent snowflakes in a deep sea blue pen. It is a very rich colour. The pen was available through Chatterley Pens, and there only two pens of this resin produced. By limited edition, this is very limited. There were only two pens crafted by Delta, and I have number 1 of 2.

This particular pen was made using the same style as the Dolcevita line.

Stantuffo means piston in Italian. When you see the word stantuffo associated with an Italian pen, it means the pen uses the piston-fill mechanism. This is a good feature as Delta designed their own piston for fountain pens and it has good reputation for being very smooth and holding a good supply of ink.

This pen is made for a solid bar of eye catching blue resin. I know from visiting Delta they commonly produce small production numbers, and this would have mean they had a single rod of the blue resin available, just enough to make two pens.

The Dolcevita measurements are about 14 cm in length. The width of the body is a good 15 mm or 1/2 inch. With the piston mechanism there is a small ink view window at the top of the nib section. This allows you to see if there is ink left within the inner chamber. The pen has trim in sterling silver, gold vermeil trim which looks quite smart against the deep rich blue tone resin.

The ring at the base of the cap engraved by hand and reproduces an old Roman decor featured in old paintings from Pompeii. The clip is the classic, well-styled clip found on the Dolcevita line, with a small rolling wheel that helps the pen smoothly slide across the shirt pocket.

The nib is the Delta 18 kt gold, rhodium plated nib used on the Dolcevita series. This nib is a broad, the the pen is an extremely smooth writing pen.

Arcobeleno Fiocco Di Neve




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