Delta Dolcevita Chatterly Fusion Star- Circo Matte

Delta - Chatterley Dolcevita Fusion Star, Circo Matte

This limited edition pen was made by Delta for Chatterley Pens. The pen body, cap and internal mechanisms use that of the Delta Dolcevita. I have a number of these pens, and I have been selecting this line because of the match for my hand.

The name, Circo Matte refers to the circles of colours of warm, rich orange, red and blue. The celluloid has a matte finish. The unpolished finish for the pen gives it a warm feel to the touch, and it also intensifies the colours.

The pen has, like many of the others in the Chatterly Fusion Star line, been produced in limited production. There are ten of these pens. I am very pleased to have #4.

The celluloid used for this pen was one of the two colour options for the Limited Edition 1982-2012 Collection. It was a collection chosen to launch Delta's nib the 18kt gold Fusion.

As I have noted on other Chatterly Star reviews, on my visit with the folks at Delta, they talked about the small production method they use.  Little did I know at the time how I would be acquiring some of those pens.

I went to one of the meetings of the Seattle Pen Club. At least once a year, the club meets in Bellingham, Washington which is closer to Vancouver. At that meeting, one of the members had the Stantuffo Mocha in the Chatterly/Delta line. Although this pen was a resin body, the matte finish really caught my eye. That particular pen, unfortunately, is no longer available.

Dolcevita Oro

The cap has a star logo, the name of this series Chatterley Pen commissioned to be produced by Delta. The clip and the band at the base of the cap are the classic Delta parts, this pen has sterling silver trim.

The body for this pen is celluloid, and in classic celluloid characteristics, colour just radiate from the pen. Being made of celluloid, the pen is relatively light in weight. The brass piston filling system creates the overall weight of the pen. It is a good sized pen, with the body measuring in the 14-16 mm in width.

A small cap covers the knob for the piston fill system. Just unscrew the cap and you can twist the top of the piston to expel or draw up ink.

A small window just above the threads shows if there is ink in the pen or now. As I have said about this line, I like this and I don't. The only aspect I do not like is that part of the ink windows shows even when the cap is screwed onto the pen.

Fusion NibThe pen is fitted with the #6 Delta Fusion nib. That is a steel nib with a piece of 18 kt gold fussed on top of the steel. This nib is produced at the Delta factory. I find the Fusion nib a great writer and I particularly like the stub width.

What I have found is each each of the Fusion nibs vary because of the hand work.

Whether you call it a steel nib, or gold plated, the main point is how it writes, and this is one very smooth writing pen.

The pens, made for Chatterly Pens, are available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub Fusion nibs.


Chatterley Delta Fusion Autunno


Founded in 1982 through the partnership of Nino Marino, Ciro Matrone and Mario Muscente.

Delta produces their pens at the facility, located just outside of Naples, Italy.

I had the pleasure of visiting with the folks at Delta at their factory, located just outside of Naples.