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Delta/Chatterley Dolcevita Deep Sea

For a period of time Delta produced a number of pens for Chatterley using the Dolcevita body. The Delta Dolcevita is a pen that nicely fits my hand, so I ordered a number of the pens. This is the Deep Sea with a gold nib, there were 23 pens produced, I have pen #00. The numbering system started at 00 and then worked up. I

The size and shape of the is made for me. About 145 mm in length with a body width of 16 mm - it is pure comfort to write with this pen.

The pen is fitted with a smooth writing Delta #6 nib, in 14 kt gold, stub width.

The resin, called Deep Sea is are dark blue with streaks of turquois running along the body. This is one of the pens that comes alive as the light hits the pen and light blue colours are released.

The pen uses a ratchet piston fill mechanism made by Delta, and a piston fill with a solid repution for dependability. The ink chamber holds a good amount of ink and a small view window allows you to see when the ink chamber has or does not have ink.

The trim on the pen is top notch - gold on sterling silver.

Well done Delta and Chatterley. 


Chatterley/Detla Deep Sea


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