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Delta Dolcevita Oro Stantuffo

The Dolcevita Oro stantuffo is made from a solid piece of orange resin. This particular mode has trim in vermeil. The pen is fitted with a 14 kt gold nib. The main distinction between the traditional Dolcevita is the pen, nib section and cap all in the same orange resin. Delta refers to the colour as "terracotta orange", a colour common to Italy.

The pen is not a limited edition, but Delta records the pen's number on the cap: 0749 is mine!

A classical imprint on the vermeil band around the cap references the antiquity of Italy. It is a pattern said to be seen in artwork from Pompeii. The patterns is a classic band on many of the Delta pens. The top of the cap is crowned with a gold “coin” imprinted in the shape of a nib with feed. The pen sports another gold band to accent the rear of the barrel at the piston cap.

Screw the cap off the pen, and there appears the beautiful stub nib. The nib in 14K is very smooth to write with. The nib is a single tone of gold and the single colour choice looks very good with the orange colour of the pen.

The clip of the pen has a classic appearance. There is a small ball at the end to assist the clip to roll over the cloth of your shirt pocket.

Versions of this pen are available with a cartridge converter fill or piston. I have the piston-fill model, a filling mechanism I prefer. The twist knob of the piston mechanism is accessible by screwing off the blind cap at the end of the barrel. Delta says that he piston line of this and the classic Dolcevita has an extra large ink supply chamber so as to extend the writing time of the pen.

There is a narrow, orange translucent ink window that provides a view to see if there is ink in the inner ink chamber. The section is light enough to easily identify the quantity of ink in the reservoir. I must admit I wish the ink chamber was completely covered by the cap, when the pen is closed. The ink window shows below the cap when the pen is closed. It gives the visual appearance of the cap floating on the top of the pen, and there must have been a purposeful design consideration. I would prefer, however, if it was not visible at all when the pen was closed.

The barrel is thicker at the back then tapers ever so slightly to the front. It was only when someone told me about the slight difference in shape that I was able to see it. The slight tapering on the piston filled pen is the end cap that screws off to allow the twisting to draw up ink.

The packaging of the Dolcevita Oro is restrained. An orange cardboard box with a small bottle of ink with the dolcevita marketing and a velvet box holding the pen.

I have the Oversized model. The pen was available in slim, mid-size, regular and oversized. It is a big pen, with the body measuring about 1.5 cm across, 14 cm in length when closed. I typically post the cap of my pens when I write, that way they do not roll off the desk, and this pens has a length of 17 cm from top to the tip of the nib. Despite the size, this is a very light pen to hold.

Take care in filling the pen. The whole pen is in orange resin, even the grip section above the nib. If you place the end of the nib fully submerged, ink will be in the threads and be sure to clean the threads or the end of the pen will have an ink-stained appearance.


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