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Chatterley - Delta, Stantuffo Mocha, Matte

This Limited Edition pen was made by Delta for Chatterley Pens. The pen I acquired has a size six 14 kt gold nib, with sterling silver trim, gold plated. There were 18 pens made in this model. Later, Chatterley arranged to have Delta make another 18 pens with a size eight 14kt gold rose gold nib. The pen is fitted with sterling silver plated with rose gold trim.

I saw the pen while attending a pen club meeting. I was taken the attractiveness of the matte finish. Rather than the normal buffing and polishing, the matte finish leaves the pen feeling very warm to the hand, and rather reflecting light off the body, the matte finish seems to allow the eye to fully explore the pattern of the resind.

The acrylic resin is in black and white in a sporatic pattern and there are faint traces of brown to build added interest. It is a beautiful pattern, one that stands out from many other pens. So it was the colour and the pattern of the pen that was the draw.

Chatterley-Delta Stantuffo Mocha

I like the size of the Delta Dolcevita pen. It just sits so well in my hand. At the end of the cap is the simple, attachtive logo of Delta. There is a broad gold band at the bottom of the cap and a small gold band just above that. Nothing over the top.

The nib section is the same material as the body, making a continuous look from top to the nib of the pen. The 14kt stub nib is extremely smooth. I ahve enjoyed writing with this [en for many years.

There is a small clear ink view window to know when the pen is full or about to run out of ink. The pen in piston filled with a piston designed by Delta. I must admit, the ink view window is one aspect about thepen I like and don't like. What I do not like is that a small portion of the window appears when the cap is screwed on. I would have preferred the cap to totally cover the view section or for it to be totally visible.



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