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Delta - Chatterley Dolcevita Fusion Star, Tidepool


This is another of the limited edition pens Chatterley Pen had produced by Delta. The pen uses the Dolcevita body, cap and internal mechanism. The pens are created from rods of cellulose acetate, exclusive to Delta. Production was limited to eigtht (8) pens. I am very pleased to have #1. When on my visit with Delta they talked about their production method, small quantities, and the fact that they can produce a line of pens as requested. I never realized that I would be acquiring such pens.

Ciro Matrone, with Leonardo Pens, used this cellulose acetate to produce a custom limited edition pen in 2021, based on the Momento Zero Grande body and cap.

The pattern in the resin is not one that I have seen before.

I now have a number of the Dolcevita Star pens from Chatterley. I find the Dolcevita body just fits my hand. It is a large pen, without being too bulky. The diameter of the body is 16 mm. The cap nicely posts to the body. A good writer, the Fusion nib is very smooth. The piston mechanism holds a good amount of ink.

The cap has a star logo, to reflect the name of this series, the Star Collection. The clip and the gold band at the base of the cap are the classic Delta parts. The small gold band gives the pen a rich look. The trim, such as the classy band at the base of the cap is gold vermeil (gold plated 925 sterling silver) trim. The clip has a sturdy small ball that helps with fixing the clip in a shirt pocket. I like that.

There is a small cap that covers the piston fill system. Just unscrew the cap and you can twist the top of the piston to expel or draw up ink. I like the fact that a ratchet system produces a series of clicks when you have turned it to the fullest. No concern of stripping something.

A small window just above the threads shows if there is ink in the pen. I like this and I don't. One of the things about the Dolcevita model, is a small portion of the window appears when the cap is screwed on.

The nib on this pen is the new Delta Fusion nib in a Number Six size. It is a steel nib with a piece of 18 kt gold fussed on top of the steel. As shown on the right, I use this pen almost every day.

This is the only nib that is actually produced at the Delta factory. I find the Fusion nib a great nib to write with. I particularly like the stub.

Some feel this is simply a steel nib. In talking with the folks at Delta, they showed me the nib just prior to releasing the new nib. They had the nib and ink flow tested at labs at the University in Naples. The technology is for the two metals to act together in a resulting superior ink flow. Regardless of what happens, the nibs are very smooth. I know from others trying the pens I have with the Fusion nib, most are very impressed.

A truly unique pen in terms of the colours and patterns of the resin. Only eight. The pen is no longer available.


Delta Tidepool


Delta Chtterley Tidepool


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