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I have liked the Stipula Etruria fountain pen. It is a great cigar-shaped pen and the Stipula nibs are a pleasure to write with. One my 2022 visit to Rome, and of course Novelli Pen, this particular pen caught by attention, and very quickly went into the tray of pens I wanted to consider. The tray has way more pens than I can buy, but in the end, this one came home with me.


Returning to Rome and Stipula Pens

For our 2022 trip to Italy, we scheduled Rome for the last week of the month trip. That means I would see pens in stores all over Italy, but I knew the treat treat would be the visit with Marco at Novelli Pen. It seems that Karen and I have been meeting with Marco almost every year since we were married. It was so good to be back together again.

I have written about the typical "Novelli Visit" on a number of other reviews. So I will simply say I pick out more pens than I can buy and then eliminate pens. Very painful process. This pen, I put in my "must have" section right from the moment I saw the pen in the display case.

Having a number of Stipula Etruria pens I am familiar with the model and it is a very comfortable pen to hold. This is the Etruria Magnifica, an oversized Etruria. Closed, then pen extends 152 mm. Would it be too big for my hand? Nope. I enjoyed the larger size of the pen. Now that I have been home and I am writing with both the regular and the Magnifica size pens, I am having no problem making the tactile change with regular and oversize. Production was limited to 351 pens, I am the proud owner of pen #56.

The Cap & Body

The cap and body is in the beautiful style of the Etruria model, just in this case, slightly larger. The pen has a classic look. The band at the base of the cap is the classic Stipula wheat grass pattern. That pattern is also on the clip. While I would say the traditional metal for the clip and the band is Sterling Silver (I am a big sterling silver and celluloid fan) the Gran Sasso a flat finish of rhodium metal. It is different, and very attractive, but I actually would have preferred the traditional sterling silver.

The Celluloid

The body and cap are made from rods of a beautiful rich green/black mottled celluloid. I have read this celluloid is considered rare and in short supply. This celluloid was previously used by Tibaldi. The black/green celluloid has tones of green. As the light catches the pen it will give you goosebumps. The name, Gran Sasso, refers to the highest peak in the Apennines Mountains of Italy.

Stipula Etruria Magnifica Gran Sasso

Stipula Etruria Magnifica Gran Sasso

The Nib

The pen is fitted with a number six size nib, in 14 kt gold, rhodium plated. Nib sizes are available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub widths. My pen is fitted with a 1.1 Stub nib. The nib and the ebonite feel delivery a smooth rich flow of ink. I was a bit concerned that I would find the nib too broad for my writing. When I write in my travel journals the lines a narrower than the more free-style notes on blank paper. But, no. The #8 nib is big, but the 1.1 Stub nib width leaves a nicely control line of ink on the paper.

Ink Filling System

The pen uses a piston to draw up and hold the ink. Now a word of caution. Stipula uses a reverse rotation to fill or expel ink. What? Yes, while most pistons are turned to the right to fill the pen, turn your Stipula piston to the left to fill.

Weight and Balance

I found the pen to be well balanced. The majority of time I have typically posted my caps. But with this pen, because of the size, I am finding I am writing with it uncapped. The pen weighs about 42 grams.

Stipula Etruria Magnifica Gran Sasso

Stipula Etruria Magnifica Gran Sasso

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