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Stipula Eturia Notte di San Lorenzo

Momento Zero Nuvola

In October 2023 Leonardo Pen issued a beautiful new pen in the Momento Zero line - the Nuvola. Nuvola is italian for cloud, and the linkage is for pen to evoke the serenity and vastness of the skies. With all that freedom there is nothing to hold us back with our writing.

A Honour to be the First 

It is a honour to have this pen.  

Timing -  I was the first to have the pen. Being on a six week trip through Italy, I am writing everyday in my Travel Journal. So what great timing to get beautiful new fountain pen.

The second aspect about this pen that is special, is the nib.  Salvatore Matrone had 50 of his gold La Fenice nibs re-ground by nibmeister, Mr. Yukio Nagahara of Japan. To get a feel of what is involved in creating a Kodachi nib by Mr. Nagahara, he created a video available at the following link: Video

The Pen

The pen is the classic Momento Zero, the flagship pen that launched Leonardo Pen. It is a size and style of body that is  well liked by fountain pen users.

The pen is made from a rod of resin. While there is overall similarity for the line, each pen is slightly different depending on the cut and pattern of each rod. 

When I  was walking through the factory I took a photograph of a tray of the Nuvola pens. You can see how the overall look of each pen is consistent, however, each pen will be unique. I think it is similar to the fact that no two clouds are the same. This is a wonderful aspect of the pen. We each will have a pen that is unique for us.

Leonard Momento Zero Nuvola

A tray of bodies and caps shows how the pattern is consistent but varies by each pen. No two clouds the same, no two pens identical.

The Nib

The pen comes in a a14 k gold or steel La Fenice nib, size six. The La Fenice nib is made by JoWo of Germany to Leonardo specifications. The gold nib comes with an ebonite feed, manufactured by Leonardo. The steel nib has an ABS feed. 

I have a number of Leonardo pens fitted with the La Fenice nib and I must say, this nib provides a very smooth writing experience, in both the gold or the silver materials.

My Momento Zero Nuvola pen is fitted with broad gold nib, re-ground by Mr. Yukio Nagahara of Japan. It is referred to as a Kodachi nib. I have been blown away by the writing characteristics that come from this custom nib.

The nib easily responds to pressure. Overall the nib creates a thinner line on the down stroke and a broader line on the horizontal stroke.

Ink Filling System

The Momento Zero pen uses a cartridge / convertor to draw up and hold the ink supply. This system is dependable and low maintenance. I have been very happy with the quality of the converters in the Leonardo pens.

Using the Pen

I found the pen to be well balanced in the hand. The majority of time I have used the pen with the cap posted, but it is also comfortable to use with the cap off. The pen weights 1.6 oz/45.4 grams capped and .9 oz/25.5 grams uncapped.

The standard Momento Zero pen is an excellent size for many users. If you have never used a Momento Zero pen, it is similar in size to the Pelikan M800. 

I like this pen very much, and one aspect standards out for me. In the cut of the resin, the cirular pattern at the end of the pen, well I just can not get enough of that! When I am not writing with the pen, I am holding and admiring the Nuvola. 

Bravo Leonardo, you have created another great fountain pen! 

Momento Zero Grande Mosaico

La Fenice, 14 k gold nib

Broad re-ground by Mr. Yukio Nagahara of Japan. 


Momento Zero Nuvola


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