Charals Pens - Vancouver

Stylus Pens, Edmonton

In April 2012 I was able to travel back to Edmonton, and there I visited with Stylus Pens... a Great Pen Store.

Vancouver Pen

In my city, Vancouver, Vancouver Pen is a Great Pen Store.



Great Stores | Stores of Note

A great pen store. Great pen stores, or Stores of Note, have a good selection of pens, create a environment that encourages you to try a variety of pens and make a good selection on the right pen for you. Their staff have knowledge about the pens they sell.

Glenn & Marco at Novelli Pen in RomeOn-line pen retailers are a good option for a buyer. Sometimes because of location, an on-line purchase is really the only option.

Glenn Marcus and Marco Parascenzo of Novelli Pen in Rome. A Great Pen Store worth a visit.

Where possible, I prefer going into a pen store, trying a selection of pens and nibs and then making my selection while having a conversation while I do and building an relationship with staff of the store.

On our travels, my wife and I enjoy visiting pen stores. Karen, has a keen eye and can spot a pen store as soon as one is visible. We travel extensively in France and Italy, so much my wife Karen provides travel consulting ( and we have also put together a web site on great trips with a wide range of information at your disposal.

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