Vancouver Pen Shop

512 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC Canada
Tel: 604-681-1612 

Living in Vancouver, this is one of my regular stops. Vancouver Pen is a great place to buy a pen. They offer a great selection as well as great service. Reason enough to come to Vancouver! Vancouver Pen, started by Margaret and Paul Leveque is a Vancouver landmark! It was back in 1947 that Paul Leveque started working for the Pen Shop in Vancouver. He later was a distributor of Parker, Sheaffer and Cross pens. Margaret, always involved with pens, started the Vancouver Pen Shop in 1986. Margaret passed away in August 2009, and Margot McRae now operates the store.

On your visit you can meet with Margot, Shannon, Fran or the other staff. They are all enthusiastic about pens and helping you select the right pen for you.

Although the store does not have a web site, Shannon has created an Instagram page for the store and it is a handy way to connect if you can not physically be in the store.

Vancouver Pen Shop on West Hastings in Vancouver

You will never feel rushed when you are trying out different pens for weight, and then different nibs for smoothness of writing. The staff at the store are quiet dedicated to good service. They know it is not just a pen you are considering, it should be the right pen for you. This takes time.

I have been shopping here for years and have always found the staff to go to all ends to help you out.

The store stocks a good selection of pens, including pens in various nib styles where nib widths is an option. This is an important aspect of Vancouver Pen. Whiles some stores may just stock medium and fine nibs, Vancouver Pen goes out of its way to stock different widths to meet customer selection.

Margot has explained they always want to determine the level of service they will receive from the distributor before taking on a line of pens.

The store has an impressive selection of inks. Note books and small leather goods related to pens.

Convenient to get to, the store is located on West Hastings Street between Richards and Seymour, down a few blocks down from the main Georgia/Granville shopping area and right opposite the Simon Fraser downtown campus.

I do enjoy my visits at Vancouver Pen. Pen stores range from the chic to comfortable, and the store has feeling that just makes you comfortable. There is amply staff to help you look and just talk about pens, never the pressure to buy, and they stand behind their sales.

Not much more you can ask than that.

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