2141 West 41st Street
Vancouver, BC  V6M 1Z6
Tel: (604) 261-8510


Buchan's, a long standing stationary and gift store in Vancouver, has been in operation since 1957. Over the past yeas has been steadily increasing its selection of pens, inks and related writing accessories.          

 Of course you can visit Buchan's on-line, but to get the real vibe, visit the store.  I spend a fair amount of time in the ink and paper section!  Having a background in stationery store, they had an excellent selection. 

In the store you will find a good selection of stationery and related  items. Looking for  pens, inks and papers in particular, you will not be disappointed with the store.

I was impressed with their selection of paper and notebooks.  They stock notebooks by Fabriano, one of my favourite Italian paper companies.  Now I know where I can get inserts for Traveller's Company. 

The store is located in the very trendy Kerrisdale area along 41st Street.  While out of the downtown core, work a trip to visit.   

Buchan's Stationery

There is a good range of fountains pens that include Visconti, Sheaffer, Parker, Twsbi, Pilot, Sailor, Pilot to name just a few.   

Buchan's has a great selection of fountain pen ink

Buchan's had a good selection of inks across many of the leading brands in includes an extensive selection of both Sailor and Ferris Wheel Press inks.  I even left the store with a bottle of Monteverdi USA ink, a brand I have never tried.       


Buchan's has a great selection of notebooks

 Buchan's has a wide of selection of notebooks and paper for fountain pen users. Whether paper packs, notebook inserts or bound notebooks you will probably find what you are looking for here.  They are a statiionery store!