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The Momento Zero Grande Sand

The Momento Zero, was the flagship pen for Leonardo Officina Italiana. I was fortunate to own the prototype, produced in a beautiful celluloid. It is such an important pen in my collection. Since its original release, the Momento Zero has been created in a variety of materials. I have the Momento Zero in celluloid, Abbys, and in resin in both the Horn Grey and the Vintage Brown. All three are beautiful pens. The Momento Zero is special to me, as I know Salvatore Matrone, and I know how special it was for his to create and issue the pen. Momento Zero, starting from and moving forward. What a success the line and indeed the company has achieved.

The next evolution of the pen was create the Momento Zero Grande in a more dramatic and larger size pen. Putting it simple: the user gets more of a great pen. I really like the size of the Grande. The reflects simplistic style, well crafted.

The Options

Having an option sound like such a positive experience, but in essence you are faced with a very difficult decision. The Momento Zero Grande was released in five options, each a beautiful pen hand-turned from a solid rod of resin. The colours are very pleasing.

      • Caribe,
      • Coffee,
      • Cooper,
      • Dark Hawaii and
      • Sand.

I liked all the colours, and I would change my desire from one colour to another. The coffee is such a rich colour, but I balanced that with the overall number of brown tone pens I have. Then the cooper was rich and I must admit that was almost my choice. In the end it was the Sand resin that I had to have.

The Sand Resin

Attractive suable elegance.

This is how I describe the resin that is used for this pen. Of course, this is a quality pen, hand turned from a solid rod of resin. the resin is finished to a beautiful smooth shine. The colours play with light. The stripes of tone give the pen a beautiful long look.

The Body & Cap

The pen is light to hold. It is of sufficient size that I have written with it in both a posted and non-posted format. I generally like to post my pen for a little extra length and also safety. Safety? A round pen is too easily knocked and rolled off the desktop. The cap very nicely posts onto the body of the pen. The internal piston mechanism is accessible through a cap at the end of the body, or by unscrewing the nib section. The mechanism is permanently attached inside the pen and can not be removed. The clip of the pen is slightly narrower than that of the regular Momento Zero. The slight curve to the thinner main section provides a good line for the eye to follow. The Momento Zero Grande is 1.5 cm longer than the Momento Zero.

The Writing Experience

Well this is what the pen is all about. The pen is fitted with an ebonite feed and the inflow is exceptional. My pen has a 1.1 Stub Nib, and writes very smooth. I am pleased Leonardo came out with the 1.1 stub nib as the 1.5 stub is perfect for signatures, however, the 1.1 is more versatile when your writing has to be a bit smalled and condensed.








Momento Zero Grande Girasole


Momento Zero Grande Girasole

Momento Zero Grande Girasole


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