Plume & Bille - A Great Pen Store

When in Paris a visit to Plume & Bille is inspirational. The store is the combination of all we like about about pens, ink, paper and writing accessories.

Plume et Bille Paris

Plume et Bille is at 38, rue de l'Arcade in Paris

Plume et Bille Paris

Glenn Marcus with Brigitte Courson, owner of Plume et Bille

Plume et Bille

The stores integrates the writing experience with a selection of pens, inks, papers and related accessories

Plume et Bille

38, rue de l'Arcade
75008 Paris

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Distinctive lines of pens including

Graf von Faber-Castell
S.T. Dupont
Caran D'Ache

NamikiMt Fuji and Wave

NAMIKI Nippon Art, Mt Fuji and Wave. Technique: Hira Maki-e, Artisan name - Kokkokai

Selecting my Namiki fountain pen wasn't as easy I thought it would be. Each of the designs were different. I went with the Mt Fuji and Wave design as not only did the mountains and water scene be appropriate to Vancouver, but I liked the flow of the design.

The beauty of the design is a result of repeated work on the pen. The four processes of lacquereing, drawing, sprinkling and polishing are repeated many times. It takes more than three months until completion. The pens have a high price point, however, the amount of workmanship is considerable. The most expensive of the lines have the processes repeated more than 130 times.

For almost the last ten years, a trip to Paris includes a stop at Plume et Bille, a beautiful pen store created and operated by Brigitte Courson. Her store is different. She did not set out to have all brands of fountain pens, but rather, a distinctive selection of pens, as well as high quality inks, fine papers and a range of writing related accessories. She operates a beautiful store, with an inviting atmosphere. Her store, Plume et Bille, so nicely matches the pleasure of owning a fine pen with paper and ink accessories.

I recommend this store because of the careful pairing of writing instruments and accessories to support the experience of written communication.

I usually walk to Plume & Bille by taking the metro to Havre-Caumartin (Printemps on Boulevard Haussmann) and then walking down Haussmann, turning on rue de L'Arcade. Once you turn off Boulevard Haussmann, it is located in the second block.

If I could only visit one pen store in Paris, this would be at the top of the list. Brigitte exemplifies the pairing of pens and the writing experience. I again enjoyed talking with Brigitte on her views, and passion, of pens.

I have been visiting the store since 2011 and I often get the change to talk to customers. On my most recent visit in 2016 I talked with young physician who had just purchased a Namiki fountain pen. I enjoyed hearing about his personal choice to write with a fountain pen and the decision process he went through to select his fountain pen.

Little did I know that this was a foreshadowing conversation for a similar experience for me. See my Pens of Note on the acquisition of my new Namiki Mt Fuji and Wave fountain pen.

She has targeted lines of pens in the store, this is not a pen store will will have a pen from all the various lines, but the pens she carries cover a range of price points and include notes names such as Caran D'Ache, Montblanc, Namiki, Sailor, Faber-Castell and Dupont.

She also has accessories that support the experience of written correspondence. The store has agendas by Mignon or pen cases, she will work with customers on the design of a business card or provide an embosser - she will help with the ordering of the plates with the individual's initials or monogram. I found Brigitte's approach to supporting the experience of written correspondence to be thoughtful. Her back ground in stationery comes through.

From my very first visits I get a good vibe about Plume & Bille with the patience, product knowledge and attention to detail that Brigitte provides customers.

So on your next visit to Paris, this is a store worth a visit. Located not far from the department stores of Printemps or Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann, it will be easy to find.