Excellent performing ink in a stunning glass container


SCRIBO ink comes in


It is always difficult to keep up with the inks available as new colours are added, but as of February 2024 there are the following colours available:

  • Arancio di Sicilia
  • Rosso Chianti
  • Roso Melgrano
  • Classico Seppia
  • Nero Nero
  • Verde Prato
  • Verde Bosco
  • Blu Capri
  • Grigio SCRIBO
  • Blyu Cosmico
  • Verde Mediterraneo
  • Rosa Antico
  • Notturno Viola
  • Giallo Cannella

The SCRIBO ink is water based with pigments creating the colours. While safe to use, it is commonly noted that fountain pens with pigmented inks need regular cleaning. The ink comes in a large 90 ml, stackable square bottle that looks like a vintage inkwell on your desk. Good performance. Reasonsable dry times (10 s or so) depending on the width of the nib and the characteristics of the paper. I have been using the inks in my pens ever since the ink was released and I have had no problems. There is the icon of the quill on the top of the cap, each showing the colour of the ink inside the bottle.

Classico Seppia

Grigio Scribo

Notturno Viola

Rosso Chianti