Like the pens, Leonardo Officina Italiana has a line of good quality inks.



Leonardo Ink

The ink comes in an attractive eight-sided 40 ml glass bottle with a plain, appropriately sized black cap.


The ink, bottled by Leonardo, comes in the following colours:

  • Turquoise Hawaii
  • Red (Red Passion)
  • Sepia Classico
  • Deep Purple Unique
  • Black (Nera Intenso)
  • Blue Mediterraneo
  • Verde Foresta (Green)
  • Emerald
  • Noce Moscata Brown
  • Taurasi Red (Wine)
  • Arancio Tarocco (Orange)
  • Grigio Minerale Roccia (Grey)
  • Emreraldo Stone
  • Noce NMoscata (Brown)



Red Passion


In 2023 I was able to try the new Blue-Black ink that was scheduled to be release by Leonardo. It is a very dark, midnight-blue, leaving a great image on the page. Good flow and has worked well in a various pens I have tried.