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Octopus Fluids

This is an ink company in Germany that creates a range of inks that include those for writing and art as well as technical applications, such as printers. The line of creative inks include those using resin, alcohol or water based wriritng (Fountain Pen) or write and draw inks (pigmented).

The company explains how their chemists design inks that are beyond just colour and saturation criteria; but include shading, optimum dry times and smoothness of writing (glide) characteristics.

They work with partners to develop inks. The inks released by Diplomat, a pen company based in Germany is an example. The Diplomat inks are re-branded Octopus inks.

Octopus Fluids

While I have Diplomat ink, which is rebranded Octopus Fluids ink, I have the Octopus brand on my list of inks to try.