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I am so pleased to provide information on the Italian pen company, Leonardo Officina Italiana. I was introduced to the company in 2017 when I acquired a stunning fountain pen - the Momento Zero Abyss. A pen crafted from rods of blue celluloid. A beautiful pen, what a great way to introduce the company to the community.

Leonardo Officina Italiana, better known as Leonardo, is an Italian pen company founded by Ciro and Salvatore Matrone. Located just outside of Naples, the company introduced its first pen, the Momento Zero in 2017 and has never looked back. During their relatively short time in the market, the company led by Salvatore Matrone, has introduced a range very attractive and well made pens. Their products include collaborations to bring exciting new materials to the market.

I have had the pleasure of touring the Leonardo workshop and meeting Ciro, Salvatore and Maria Francesca all in action! I said it in 2017 and I continue to believe so, this is a company to watch.


When I hear comments on the excellent appearance of the Leonardo Officina Italiana pens, to me that is no surprise. Salvatore Matrone, the Co-Founder and CEO, has a solid background in design and years of experience working with his father, Ciro, with all aspects of the design production of fountain pens. The phrase used by Salvatore, "our story goes on, our family's legacy continues, our traditions are made new." is very apt.

Ciro Matrone was one of the founders, and the Production Manager, of Delta Artigiani dell Scrittura -- Delta Pen. He held that role for more than 36 years and was involved with the design and production of many notable pen collections. Some include iconic Dolcevita and other lines such as the Astra, Venice, Pompeii, Roma Imperiale, Caruso, Vespucci, Rediscover Pompeii - to name a few.

Today he continues to create quality pens and is specifically involved with the Special Edition pens Leonardo has issued.

Salvatore, with training in design, and also having worked at Delta Pen, leads Leonardo Pen to be the important pen company it has become. I remember meeting Salvatore at Delta on one of my first visits to the company's operations centre. He explained some of the design aspects of the current lines.

Now Salvatore leads an exciting new pen company. He aptly says: "We seek to shed light on Italian artistry in a way that expresses innovation and modernity coupled with rich heritage. These are the common threads expressed in every Leonardo collection."

Very much the roots of a family, with Ciro's influence with the company, as well as Salvatore's sister Maria Francesca. Both Salvatore and Maria Francesca worked in their youth at Delta Pen with their father. Now they work together at Leonardo. Maria Francesca notes that one of the things she learned from Ciro was his capacity to problem-solve - a process in which writing with a pen, was very much part of arriving at a solution!

Maria Francesca and Leonardo are very much in tune as they describe the essence of Leonardo Pen as having simplicity, using shapes, styles and materials with vintage roots.

I have been fortunate to be able to to know Ciro, Maria and Salvatore for a number of years. From my first meetings with them at Delta Pen, to being presented with the prototype pen for the Momento Zero Abyss. (See my Pens of Note, Pen #1 or 1). Karen and I met with Salvatore in the apartment we were staying at in Rome. Sitting out on the patio, the light touched the colours and pattern of the blue Abyss celluloid - at that point the Momento Zero has always been a pen of choice for me.

The company is relatively young, being formed in 2015. I have talked with owners of pen stores in Europe and there is overall agreement as to how rare it is to see a new pen company come into the market and create the buzz of Leonardo OIfficina Italiana. Just go on social media such as Instagram to get a sense of the level of enthusiasm for the company and its pens.

The Momento Zero was followed with the Furore and then in 2019 The the Grande size of the Momento Zero and the Furore pens followed. Grande, and the Art Deco. There has also been special edition pens. The collection and special editions are shown on the company's website.

And in term of a special edition, right up there is the limited production Momento Zero that Leonardo created for the Vancouver Pen Club at the end of 2019. Members were very pleased with the exclusive pen produced for the club.


Leonardo Officina Italiana
leonardopen. Ispira s.r.l. 
Via Piave 205 - 80126 Napoli, Italy



Momento Zero Abyss

The Momento Zero, Abyss, in celluloid - the start of it all.


Salvatore MatroneSalvatore checking nib on Furore


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