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January 2010

Colour Colour Colour

During December it was such a pleasure to receive cards from friends and individuals who who wrote to pass on their regards over the holiday season. Most cards where written with ball point pens, but for some, and to the eye of a fountain pen user, the card written with a fountain pen really stood out.

Not only was their a classic appearance to the fountain pen ink on the card, a look that can never to captured using a ball point pen, but there was also the array of shades of colour.

Right before Christmas I acquired the new colours that Diamine Ink had issued in 2009. So with cards and letters to write, I had opportunity to really try out the inks.

One of the pleasures of writing with a fountain pen is the ability to select an the right ink for the message. Over the past years the selection of colours for fountain pen inks has increased considerably. Private Reserve, Noodler's or Diamine Ink are just three that provide fountain pen users with more options than they would every need! More information on the inks is included in the Ink Section of the web site.

So in 2010 load up those pens with bold and beautiful colours, let those nibs hit the paper and have words flow in an array of exciting colours.


Enjoy your pens! Your pen, an expression of you.