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September 2009

Exclusive Pen for a City: Rome

Regina ViarumIn September, when I visited with Marco Parascenzo at Novelli Pen in Rome I had the opportunity to view a very exclusive pen: the Regina Viarum Pen.

The pen, manufactured by Delta, is availalbe at Novelli, one of five stores in Rome, that carry the Limited Edition Pen.

As I was shown the pen I thought how special it must be to be a city, in a country, where a pen, limited to five stores, would be created and then sold.

At a previous meeting of the pen club I participate in, the Vancouver Pen Club, one night we talked over drinks how great it would be to have Vancovuer Pen!

Well this just proves with imagination and will, an exclusive limited edition pen is a possibility.

But it also says much about the market for fountain pens. I will write more about that in October as on my visits to stores I talked about their experience with the market place and the profile of the customer who is buying fountain pens. In this case Italy, and Rome are a proven market for fountain pens.

About the pen, the body is resin and sterling silver. It is dedicated to the Appian Way, the Roman road that linked Rome with Brindisi. The pattern on the body brings to mind the irregular shapes of the stones the Romans used to build the road. The name, Regina Viarum, means "Queen of the Road". There are 80 fountain pens and 20 roller ball pens created.

Enjoy your pens! Your pen, an expression of you.