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May 2009

Price points for pens ...

Last month I included a quick poll on Pen Views asking what is the price point at which you stop in terms of buying a pen. My conversations and correspondence with pens stores all point to the less expensive pen as being the price point that is keeping the pen business vibrant.

Pen Price PointsPens at about the $200 US price point are coming out as being the most predominate response to the pool.

I did a quick look on some of the major pen web sites. In looking through the WorldLux site, a good source of pen information. I have bought pens and pen accessories from World Lux, good people to deal with. I will be down in Seattle in a few weeks and hope to visit them. In looking through their site I found a selection of good pens in the $200 range.

Caran d'Ache Cross

Caran d'Ache Ecridor Retro Gilded.
About $239 US

Cross Townsend. About $239

Parker Visconti

Parker Sonnet.
In the $200-250 US range

Visconti Van Gogh Midi.
In the $200 US range.

Oh yes, there are the really expensive ones like the Omas Marte that retails for about $43,000 US. Now the rose gold pen body, the 2 carots of small diamons in the cap make this a unique pen - and there are only 30 of the pens made. But these pens, while unique items for high end collectors are not the pens that writers use.

Faber Castel MonodoroIn deed, last month at Vancouver Pen I acquired the Faber-Castel Mondoro - what a great pen. (Seen to the left). It sells four about $135 US and comes in a range of steel nib widths (Fine, Medium, Broad). It is a very light pen and the body is basic black plastic with a chrome-plated cap. At 125 mm capped, and 145 mm cap posted, it is a short pen and I can only use it with the cap posted. But in using it for the past month I have been impressed. Here is another example of being able to acquire a good writing pen within a reasonable price point.

Since my visit with Dante del Vecchio of Visconti pen in Italy I have been very interested in their lines of pens. The Opera line of fountain pens seems to have hit a chord with me as it is a good size pen in the hand, the nibs are very smooth and the pen bodies come in a variety of stunning colours.

Store owners indicate that the lower-price pens are the ones that are keeping them going.

So, bravo pen users. The majority are buying good pens, for what is a reasonable price for a good pen. No to say the $1,000 pen does not have a place, and would be one of those special purchases.

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Enjoy your pens! Your pen, an expression of you.


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