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January 2009

When to use your fountain pen? When it matters.


In getting ready for Christmas fountain pen users give their collections a great workout. In writing Christmas cards it seems the perfect opportunity to cycle through and use a variety of pens from one's pen collection.

Christmas is also the time of get together and long talks over the dinner table. My kind of season.

So one evening as we talked about pens, the discussion came around to the question: "Well Glenn, when would you use a pen and when not?" Good question. I felt compelled to somehow come up with the defining criteria on the spot. Wine glasses were held up and poised and after a moment of silence, it came to me.

Since the majority at the table work in the human resources field I thought most would be able to identify with my example.

You may e-mail or text message your friends that your got the job. You would, however, you would send a hand-written note to the person to thank them for the interview and the opportunity to join their group.

As we talked, the criteria seemed to be is the message mattered, then a hand-written card was the best option. To get the message out there that you landed a new job, e-mail is just fine.

When I talk to people who receive hand-written cards they express a high level of appreciation that someone took the time to actually write their thoughts. So the effort of writing a card is appreciated. For us "pen folks" it is a great opportunity to ink-up one of cherished pens, and use them.

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